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Hi, I’m Pam and I specialise in working with women who are struggling with their menopausal symptoms.
The menopause journey can be one that is confusing, exhausting, upsetting and frustrating. It’s a powerful time in a woman’s life and a huge chapter of change and one not to be ashamed of nor embarrassed over.

This transition in our lives is not always easy, not perhaps wanted, but there is no turning back.

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s circle of life and whilst some women sail through this stage looking forward to the freedom and ‘rite of passage’ this time gives them, others struggle with symptoms that have a significant impact on their lives and feel they lose the woman they once were.

If you have begun noticing you are having hot flushes and night sweats that feel as though a volcano is erupting through your body and want to address these before they get out of hand, or you have had your symptoms for a while and you are finding they are taking over your life and you are getting anxious and panicky because of them, I can help you take back control.

My programmes are focused on empowering YOU and helping YOU take back control of YOUR life

Menopause Relief

  • Imagine how your life would change if you could reduce or even stop these flushes
    • You can start accepting invitations to dinner with friends again
  • What would it mean for you to gain back your confidence and thrive rather than just survive through this?
    • You wouldn’t have to hide yourself away feeling embarrassed because you had a hot flush in a meeting or in front of friends
  • Are you fed up with your sleep being disturbed by nightly sweats?
    • How would it feel to get a good night’s sleep and awaken feeling refreshed?

Weight Reduction Program

  • Has your confidence taken a knock because your weight has crept up and your clothes don’t fit as they used to?
    • You could wear your favourite outfit again rather than consign it to the back of the wardrobe.
  • Do you sign up every year for the latest ‘diet’ program and give up a few weeks in?
    • You can get control of your own mind and emotions rather than letting them control you.
  • Do you struggle with keeping your motivation going enough to exercise?
    • You can enjoy being active and energised and able to keep up with friends and family once again.

Anxiety Release

  • Is your work and home life suffering because of your anxieties?
    • Imagine being able to reduce your anxieties by learning techniques that will enable you to calm yourself and help you be more relaxed
  • How would it feel for you to be able to ‘go with the flow’ and not worry so much?
    • Imagine knowing what to do with confidence when you are in situations where previously you would have normally felt anxious
  • Do you get anxious wondering when a hot flush might suddenly erupt leaving you frustrated that you can’t control what is happening to you?
    • Learn how to control your anxieties with proven techniques and strategies that put you back in control

“The results of a recent free trial proved to be very positive for 85% of those ladies who took part. Most could reduce the amount of hot flushes experienced. One lady was having around 20 hot flushes daily; she could reduce them to about 5 on a bad day. Those that remain were not so intense in heat or length. These results tend to be a typical reduction in amount and intensity of hot flushes.”


Read more from the Baylor Study here and here.

“We are passionate in transforming women’s lives by using practical solutions to alleviate Hot Flushes, Anxiety and weight problems.”

I would love to work with you.

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As Featured in Living in the Shires Magazine

Just a quick line firstly to say thank you for last week’s session I have felt the benefits already having drank no alcohol nor had the desire to do so.


I started gaining weight due to my perimenopause and was beginning to get anxious about my clothes not fitting and that triggered my hot flushes, and the circle started. My time working with Pam has been great! I am now starting to ‘embrace’ this time in my life, I know what triggers my hot flushes and have lost a bit of weight. I have even re-organised my wardrobe so I know what clothes to wear when I feel bloated but still want to feel my confident self.

Helen, Birmingham

I can’t speak highly enough of the way my confidence has been boosted by my sessions with Pam and the techniques she taught me, which i will continue to use forever.

Andrea, Coventry