Empowering Awesome Women to Embrace the Menopause

Welcome the next stage of life’s journey with positivity.

Uncovering the secrets of menopause


Are you facing the menopause with dread? Do your symptoms affect your daily life and mindset?

Your menopause is unique. This is a powerful time that affects your body, natural cycles and mental wellbeing – your experience will be different to the next woman, but no less significant. You matter, and your pathway through your menopause matters too.

Education, practical support and spiritual understanding – as an educator and consultant, I’ll help you prepare for the transition ahead with confidence. As a healer, I’ll support you in listening to your physical, emotional and spiritual journey.


Embracing the rest of your life


The menopause is a time for you to put yourself first, to appreciate the physical changes within your body, but also consider who you are. What will be your purpose for the next 50 years? You have the answers – I’ll help you to uncover them, and forge a path to health, wealth, potential and purpose.

Celebrate the achievements that helped you reach this far – and let’s embrace the challenges to come.


Menopause in the workplace


Education and understanding for Leadership Teams and HR in forward-thinking businesses. Developing strategies to embrace powerful women, retain skills and support diversity and equality in the workplace.

Practical courses that give women:

The support they need to stay in the workplace
Understanding to manage their changing bodies

Businesses save money by retaining dedicated, loyal, skilled workforce.

Our natural physical and spiritual intuition


Throughout history women have been closely aligned with the Earth’s cycles. Wise women, midwives, doula, shaman, healers – all using their knowledge of medicinal, natural herbs and affinity for instincts and the natural body to cure illness and help people.

In many cultures the tradition of wise and sacred feminine continues. The female instinct is to nurture and grow, to feed life – but in modern western culture this conflicts with male-dominated, technological lifestyles. And so we supress our instincts, leading to an imbalance in our energy and the assumption that pharmaceutical medicines are the only option for the natural course of the female body.

Work with me to embrace the menopause – the 4th natural cycle of the feminine body. Learn to listen to your inner rhythm and be led by your own instinct to finding balance and a smoother, healthier transition to the next stage of your life.

Let’s view the menopause as a fabulous challenge to being a healthier, happier you.

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