Colour Mirror Bottles C6 Third Eye Chakra (Violet / Royal Blue)


Helpful for sinus problems, headaches and stress. This bottle is also the best painkiller off the system and can help with bruising as well as insect bites. Supports you in overcoming grief or the loss of someone close and is helpful for relieving panic attacks. This bottle reconnects you when you have difficulty trusting your intuition. It relates to higher mental powers and healing and is helpful in connecting with the angelic realms. Opens the psychic gate.


Colour Mirrors bottles are not a conventional therapy product. They are an energised system that uses oil and water to hold the information we need to develop spiritually. They work in various ways to give us the information that our soul has been trying to tell us. We are drawn to connect with colour when we are finally ready to listen and make powerful changes.

Feel for the bottle that draws you in the most – read the message for insights and if you are drawn to working with the bottle.