Menopause Retreats

Join me in a series of retreats, focused on bringing women together to embrace the power, wisdom and femininity of our inner goddess.

The Medicine Bowl Retreat celebrates every step of the journey you have taken to reach the menopause.

The M Power Retreat is a day of spiritual discovery and self-care, looking at the woman you are today and the one you will be tomorrow.

Medicine Bowl Retreat

A beautiful day of bonding and sharing. A day of celebration of you.

You’ve been through childhood, adolescence, and become an adult. You may have worked full time, followed a career, raised a family, travelled the world, changed a life, loved and been loved.

Now as you prepare to enter the next stage of your life, stop to take a breath. The Medicine Bowl Retreat is a day of festivity – a tribal celebration that looks back at your life, the achievements and experiences that have led you to become the woman you are today.

Enjoy a day of sharing, bonding, discussion, meditation and pride in your past, as well as education and anticipation of all the experiences and achievements to come.

This is all about you, just as the menopause is all about you.

M Power Retreat

Embrace the seasons on an M Power Retreat.

Join me on a day of spiritual discovery, self-care and mindfulness.

Held four times a year in line with the changing of the seasons, the M Power Retreat is about discovering the true power in the menopause.

Bringing women together we’ll share meditation and conversation, talk to stylists and learn from experts in various areas of women’s health, enjoy delicious food and have fun.

The M Power Retreat is a day for women to be women. Discover the woman you are when you remove the labels – mum, wife, worker – and enjoy a fabulous day of just being you.

It’s okay to put yourself first – join together in a day of nurture and fun, release and self-discovery.

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