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Take care of your own health and healing with natural, individual plans tailored to your unique needs…

The Elite Alignment System is a holistic therapy that combines coaching and hypnotherapy to help you learn to slow down and listen to your body.

The Menopause Management Transformation System is my 12-month signature programme, a journey of self-discovery and transformation that gives you self-belief and balance for life.

A unique holistic therapy that helps you recognise and care for your own health and wellness in menopause and beyond.

Menopause affects more than just your physical body; it impacts on your mind and spirit as well. You can’t avoid the menopause – but you can take charge of your own health and wellness for a gentler, positive transition.


The Elite Alignment System takes a therapeutic approach, combining hypnosis and healing to:

  • listen to your own intuition, your own subconscious, and understand what your body needs to balance your health, mind and spirit during this powerful time
  • create a detailed plan to realign your health and wellness needs as you transition to another stage in your life.
  • use therapeutic techniques to address the natural anxieties, fears and doubts caused by these changes.

As you work through your elite alignment plan:

  • you’ll feel more in tune with your body, and the transformation journey you are on.
  • you’ll feel more connected with your inner spirituality and a greater sense of serenity. You’ll have the tools you need to access your own self-wisdom when you need to.

What’s involved?

Listening to your internal wisdom

Menopause should be a natural transition and not a fight between you and your body.

Your body, unique to you

Hot flushes, intermittent periods, poor sleep, headaches, palpitations – we don’t all experience the same physical symptoms.

Your mind, always in motion

What you may not be prepared for – or recognise if you start to feel them yourself – is irritability, sadness, a sense of loss, anxiety, tension, low mood and depression.

As a healer I’ll work with you to:

  • Recognise which symptoms are menopause related.
  • Find practical and natural solutions such as a change in diet, exercise, or meditation.
  • Discuss medications and ‘off the shelf’ options openly and honestly, giving you the information to make your own choices.

I’ll help you to:

  • Look at unresolved issues and emotional changes that are impacting your transition.
  • Feel more at peace with the changes you are facing
  • Find your role as you step into the next stage of your life journey.

My 12-month signature programme: A spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation through the menopause and into your future.

Health, healing and empowerment for amazing women everywhere.

Join me as we walk through the A-Z of menopause – from practical knowledge of your physical body and health, to a deeper understanding of your emotional and spiritual needs.

Together we’ll explore the journey that led you to this point and uncover the strength and wisdom you hold inside as an amazing, powerful woman.

The 4th cycle – a time of transformation and self-discovery

The menopause is a pivotal stage in life. You are transitioning from the early stages of womanhood into a powerhouse of strength – but you may not be ready to believe that.

You have experienced 3 natural cycles of life – child, puberty and fertile woman. You might have raised a family and had a career, and all in a world focused on masculine energy. If you have worked in the corporate world particularly, you’ll have felt that your working life was a battle, an exhausting cycle of fighting for position and recognition.

Is it any wonder our feminine power has become pushed aside and devalued?

Now, as you enter the 4th cycle it’s time to rediscover your innate wisdom, your natural essence as a woman. This is not old age – you are forever youthful.

The Menopause Management Transformation System


This 12-month signature programme is designed to support you through a huge transition in your mental and physical wellbeing.

Improve your energy, open yourself to personal growth


The Menopause Management Transformation System is a holistic approach that combines knowledge, healing, coaching, hypnotherapy and spiritual guidance.


With a combination of spiritual healing and practical coaching we’ll

  • unpack the circumstances and life events that have led to this point.
  • address the emotions that are weighing you down
  • reach a place of self-forgiveness and release
  • find balance in your hormones, your health and your mental wellbeing

Throughout the journey you’ll address

  • Health and energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Healing – a conscious choice to live your best life, address your self-doubts and improve your positivity.
  • Empowerment – step into your feminine power and claim your Goddess within.
Embrace your menopause, celebrate the woman you are today and grasp the potential of the woman you will be tomorrow.

Take ownership of your life


You have a choice to make. Will you allow the menopause to control your future – or will you take ownership of your own body and lead the way to your own empowerment.

To find out more about The Elite Alignment System or my unique Menopause Management Transformation programme, call me today.