About Me

Pam Bailey
When you focus on your health holistically you create balance, and you become more aligned to your purpose and potential. I will help you to find emotional and spiritual harmony in everything you are and do.

I will help you uncover the power in the menopause.

My mission is as an educator, the bringer of light, to help women rediscover and trust in their own feminine wisdom – the same physical and spiritual intuition that wise women throughout history embraced.

Menopause is not an ending of your life – it’s the beginning of your journey into your natural feminine power.

Changes Ahead New April GE

Are you struggling to cope with the changes you are facing, physically, emotionally and spiritually?


Do you hate not knowing the woman you see in the mirror?


Do you want to discover the woman you are supposed to be?


Women have become accustomed to seeing menopause as a time of end – the end of your fertility, the end of youth, the end of health and accomplishments. Really the menopause is simply a natural change, although not easy, that marks the next stage in your life. You are only part way through your life, with years left to follow your career, to challenge yourself to new experiences and learn new things.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, coach, and consultant with a background in corporate management.

I am also a mentor and healer. I believe that no one understands your body better than you. Learn to listen to your body, understand the impact your thoughts and emotions have on your health and wellbeing, and you will find the key to your own peace.

My journey through early menopause


After years of working in the corporate world, I realised my health and wellbeing was poor. My life was full of stress, and I felt as though I had lost myself along the way.

Things came to head when I went through the menopause in my 30’s.

Unfortunately, the change for me was not pleasant. I started with severe migraines, which swiftly moved on to vertigo and hot flushes, night sweats, heart palpitations, itchy skin, social anxiety, weight gain, insomnia.

Like most women I spoke to my GP. Sadly, he was, I am sorry to say, useless. Our medical professionals are used to answering symptoms with pharmaceuticals only. So, I was left to figure this out for myself.

As I studied hypnotherapy, learned mediation and sought support from my own spiritual guide and coach, I gradually found my own path. I made changes physically, emotionally, spiritually and mindfully that enabled me to get back on track with my health and to take control of my life again.

Changes Ahead

I finally left the corporate life – and stress – behind me to embark on a new challenge. Supporting women to discover their own path through the menopause and onto their next phase.

If you are exhausted, struggling at work and feel that leaving your career path is the only option, I can help you.

If you feel lost, that you are not good enough, that the menopause has made you less than you were before, let me help you rediscover yourself.

We cannot avoid the menopause, ladies – but why should we? It’s time to take care of ourselves – and leap forward into our future.

Every Woman Matters.

NLP Coach