Your Journey through The Rite of Passage


Have you ever imagined there was power in the menopause? Do you have the perception that this fourth stage in our lives is one that will be full of fear. Full of anxiety. And that the journey ahead was one to be endured rather than enjoyed?

I first wrote about the power in the menopause in another blog post. You can read about it here:

From the first moment you were born. Indeed for all of your life, you have been gathering skills. Gathering knowledge, gathering experience, and gathering wisdom.

So, what have you been doing with all of these gatherings. Have you given them any thought at all. Do you look upon your life as being rich and full and wealthy. Or are you on a treadmill where you are continually moving forward but unconscious to your actions and to life?

The Honouring of The Wise Woman

Many moons ago, our wisdom and knowledge were revered. We were honoured as wise women. But we are no longer  honoured in the ways we used to be. In our modern world,the menopause is looked upon as being a time of infertility, a retirement, as a decrease in all that we are.

But the opposite is true. It is an increase. An acknowledgement. It is fertility to use all of your experience and knowledge and wisdom. That enables you to use all of your gatherings for the highest good. For purpose, potential, power and prosperity.

Where in this journey, through the Rite of Passage, nothing is to be diminished or rubbished. It is to be honoured. For the years and the experience and the understanding and the knowledge that has been gained by you.

Many women diminish and deny their true feminine power. They give themselves a hard time. For in the energy of fear that is predominant around us, we often believe that we are ‘not enough’, or that ‘I shouldn’t’, or ‘I didn’t’. It speaks of fear and lack and denser, lower energies.

In really identifying your own uniqueness and your skills and your learning, and passion. Of remembering life’s experiences, you are birthing the essence, the spirit and the soul.

New Beginnings

new beginnings, power in the menopause

In this first stage of transformation, you are being called to identify the truth of this time of life. This birthing, this intense period of rejuvenation, of recognising all of your talents.

There is now greater energy. New beginnings. A new start.

All is not as it seems. The hotness is a releasing.It is an accessing into power. Accessing the fertility within. Anxiety is a fear of the future. It is the unknown calling you, where you have the opportunity to step into magnificence.

Where there has been blame, there is the opportunity to step into brilliance. Where there has been sadness, there is an opportunity to step into success. Where there has been despair or depression, there is an opportunity to step into self-discovery.

For the menopause journey through this Rite of Passage, means a woman placing herself first and foremost. In honour and in respect of everything she has been through. In all she has experienced. And everything she has to share with those that are following in her footsteps.

It is a time for you to honour your leadership.

It is a time for you to take your position.

It is a time for you to understand these changes on a holistic level, not just a physical level.

It is a time for you to discover the inner and the outer power on a holistic level of wholeness and well being.

For it is only when you go into the depths of the holistic meaning of the Menopause, can true identification of your uniqueness and your role ahead be established.

A Change of Perspective

This time of change is a change of perspective. It is a change of energy. A change into more power. When this time is looked at from a different perspective, there are fewer physical symptoms.  When it is looked at with honour and respect of one’s life journey, there is less despair and depression and sadness and physical and emotional imbalance.

When you honour and respect and do not dim or diminish the authentic essence within, there are fewer physical symptoms. The physical symptoms that can excel throughout this Rite of Passage, are often created emotionally, mindfully and spiritually through seeing through FEAR based eyes of ‘I’M NOT, I DIDN’T, I SHOULD HAVE, I CAN’T’.

And so the way to advance physical Health and Wellbeing and experience the power in the menopause is to understand the truth, the miracle in this time and to drop the myth.