A New Year Dawns

A new decade is about to begin. People are already turning their thoughts to making their new year resolutions. How about specifically setting some new year menopause resolutions.

We have been making new year’s resolutions for around 4,000 years. It is thought that the Babylonians were the first to make new year’s resolutions. But unlike our new year that starts in January, their year began in mid-March. In springtime, when crops are planted, and the world is renewing itself after the winters pause. Their resolutions or rather promises were made to their Gods, to return objects that had been borrowed and to pay off any debts. These promises were more likely to be kept as it was believed that their Gods would then treat them well. If they were not kept, the Gods would become angry and bring unfortunate situations into the Babylonian’s lives. Today, our new year resolutions aim for self-improvement. Time is spent firstly reflecting on the previous year, and then personal goals are chosen for the coming year. Many chose to recycle the same resolutions, either to lose weight, stop smoking, go to the gym etc, etc. Sound Familiar?  Well, if you are going through your menopause, how about setting some specific New Year Menopause resolutions?

Here are some more suggestions for you to set your new year menopause resolutions:


Gain more knowledge on the subject of menopause

These days there is more information available for you to learn about the menopause and more importantly perimenopause. I have a free resource available on my website to get you started Common Signs of the Menopause

Attend an organised menopause workshop 

Ask at work if there are any plans for the business to hold a workshop or getting someone in to speak on the subject. If not, ask if they can be arranged or organise one yourself. I hold these regularly within businesses and the public. They are always a great way to learn and to start  group conversations.

Know your menopause symptoms

And what you can do to relieve them. There are as many as 35+ symptoms with the most common being hot flushes and night sweats. On my website  I have another free resource available for you Common Triggers of Hot Flushes

Change the approach you currently have about menopause

Instead of facing this time in fear and overwhelm. Instead of being in constant stress and anxiety. Now is the time for you to  read all the information that is available now and gain the knowledge. Get more understanding of this phase in your life, and discover your own personal route through this fourth age of womanhood.

The menopause is a powerhouse of potential. If you chose to learn about this potential, you will find it is filled with our own personal wisdom, our own inner guidance and our life experiences.The more you open yourself up to discover who you truly are at this time, you will learn that your menopause is much more than just a collection of ‘symptoms’ and is far beyond what our society and culture have been feeding us.

Setting yourself some purposeful new year menopause resolutions will help you to make the start of this year better than the  end of the last. Have fun with them.

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