These days we are all living much longer, and it is more likely that we are still working when we start to go through our menopause transition.
In our Mothers and Grandmothers eras, it would have been more likely that they would not have been working at all by the time they reached menopause. This would have been because they had either retired, or they had not worked at all, but focused on the family and bringing up of the children.

The symptoms we associate with the menopause such as; hot flushes and night sweats, weight gain, low libido, anxiety all start in the phase known as Peri-menopause. This phase starts at around 40 years of age (average). Menopause affects all women differently, and not all women have symptoms. For some unfortunately, theirs’ can be extremely debilitating, which could have an impact on their performance at work.

Imagine having to deliver a presentation to a group of your peers when you haven’t slept at all due to night sweats and the tiredness sweeps over you and you become irritable and at times feel you are unable to cope with the simplest of tasks.

How do you cope knowing you have a deadline to meet, but all you want is to be left alone as you can’t tolerate any stress and are becoming anxious at the very thought of failing?

Work during the Menopause Years II

In 2018, it is sad to admit that we don’t talk openly about this most natural part of a woman’s life for fear of being labelled as old or unable to now cope with their own lives?

The journey of the menopause can be one filled with confusion, exhaustion, frustration, and by its very nature is a huge chapter of change. It’s a powerful time, not to be ashamed of or embarrassed over.

In the corporate world, we are all familiar with how coaching can help in our careers, businesses and our personal lives, but how about through the Menopause?

A Menopause coach can help you work through how your Menopause affects you in your day to day life, helping you to navigate your emotional and psychological needs, help you to work on a self-care and wellbeing plan and to support you as you challenge your own beliefs about who you thought you were?

Now is the time for you to ask the question of ‘How much do I value myself? ‘When do I ever put myself first’? After all, if you are running on empty, how can you carry on looking after everyone else?

This transition is not always easy, nor perhaps wanted, but there is no turning back.