I was browsing the web the other day and was seeing a lot of press articles about the Menopause and the way in which different celebrity women approached theirs.

As celebrity culture has captured all our imaginations over the years, it was interesting to read the different experiences noted, which underlines my belief that women have their own unique experiences of Menopause and I would bet that no 2 are the same.

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I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist over 2 years ago now, and even though I started out as a ‘generalist’, I already knew that I would niche my practice in some way eventually.

Over the months and (now) years, I have seen Clients, the knowledge has pulled me to now concentrate on women struggling through their Menopause.

It is becoming more acceptable to seek complementary solutions with hypnotherapy being one of them.

I came across a great article in the telegraph recently which suggested just that. Do take a look.

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