You Are Not The First Fat Person To Get Moving

You wouldn’t believe how many clients I have seen who tell me, I’m too fat to go the gym, and everyone will laugh at me. That is how people can get stuck in a circle of excuses. Is this you? Do you feel you would like to get physical, but dare not?

Here is a way to get going.



If you live in a big city you will almost certainly be able to find a gym, which offers small or private classes. Invest in yourself, find a personal trainer and work one to one until your weight comes down enough for you to feel confident to go on your own.


Bite the bullet

Go to your local gym for a look around. Talk to the owner or manager on the phone before and explain your situation. Ask if they have helped people who are overweight before. You will soon find you are not the only person to have crossed the threshold of a gym while carrying those extra pounds.


Choose what you like

If the idea of going to the gym or doing a structured exercise class horrifies you then do something else. If you haven’t exercised for years, then have a think of what you would like to do. Take a look at what your slimmer friends do, could you do that?

Often it is a good idea to do something which gets you out in the fresh air, so walking or starting to run can work.

Motivating yourself by being with others or doing. The Park run movement may be just the thing for you.


Variety is good

It is good for your body to vary your exercise and it is good for your mind and motivation as well. So try one day when you go walking, another running and then go for a swim. Ask yourself:”What did I use to enjoy?”

Adapt this to your circumstances. For example, if you used to like hill walking start with a walk around the park. If you liked to play football go for a kick about with your children.


Scale what you like

You will find, as you get used to exercise, that it is enjoyable, and some things you will like more than others. So if you find yourself really looking forward to a certain sort of exercise do more of that.

It can help to keep a record of what you are doing. So write down what you do every day and how much you enjoyed it on a scale of one to ten. Then focus on that highly enjoyable thing called moving.