Last time you saw how miserable life will be if you carry on the way you have been. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. This time you will take the new path, the path of change.


The new hypnotic path

So turn to that path now. Begin to travel along it. You may notice it is a bit hard at first. It might twist and turn or you might lose a sense of its direction, or perhaps it goes uphill. This is fine, it is your mind adjusting to change.

As you progress along the path you will think of all the advantages for you of being lighter. The path will become easier, perhaps brighter and sunnier or easier to see.

You are breathing more easily now. Feel the lovely fresh air entering your lungs. Notice you are enjoying this journey. Your body feels as if it is working well. You already feel lighter. More confident perhaps.


Look at yourself being different

Look to the sides of the path. You will see yourself doing things differently, doing things in a new way. Focus now on food – notice a scene where you can see yourself eating healthy foods. As you develop this scene you become attracted to healthy natural foods – they are what you want to eat. Notice you enjoy eating and you stop when you feel full. Get that feeling – you now begin to feel how it feels to eat enough to be comfortably full.

If you think about the old unhealthy choices, you used to make, you see them for what they are. Junk food, which is harming you.

You turn away from those foods: they are no longer attractive to you.

You begin to notice different things new things which you are doing.

Perhaps you see yourself eating regular healthy meals. Notice how healthy foods seem somehow more attractive.

Notice how you are looking. You are already lighter. You look more confident, prouder somehow. Happier, more fulfilled. Notice how you are feeling, better already, healthier and calmer.

You continue to travel along this path into a healthy happy future. One where you are in control of food. Notice you no longer feel ashamed of your eating. You are now in control. Spend some time enjoying how good it feels to feel like this as you travel into this future.

Allow yourself to arrive at an event, a time where it is really important to you that you have done it. Take the lighter, more confident you into the centre of the event. Notice how you are behaving. What are you saying? How do you relate to the people around you? How do you look? What are you wearing?

Make everything you are experiencing as real and as detailed as you can. Take your time. Use all your senses.

Notice how others react and relate to you. Notice how your new found confidence is inspiring respect. You are taken more seriously.

Notice how happy you are feeling.

Practise this as much as you want. You will be surprised at how many new things you find on your path.