Part 1: The Path You Have Always Been On

Your weight is your responsibility. I am going to show you a mental exercise which will make that clear to every part of your mind.

Use your imagination for this hypnotic exercise

Imagine you are walking on a path. Then the path splits into two, going in two directions.

You stop.

Look around and you will see a sign, saying: “Your responsibility”. For the first time you really notice the direction of both paths.

One forks to the left and one to the right.

You sense very strongly that these paths represent possible futures for you. One way represents continuing to carry on the way you have been. Eating badly, putting on weight, becoming more and more unhealthy. You may even see a sign saying ‘old bad ways’ or perhaps ‘more of the same’. The other represents a change, a new way. This path may appear less distinct or you may not be able to see very far along it.

This is perfectly normal, it shows your mind beginning to adjust to a new way of thinking about things.

Take a moment to really get a sense of each path.


Clear the confusion

You may at this stage feel slightly conflicted or confused. This is fine, we are going to clear that confusion by exploring both paths in turn.


The path of the old way

So first of all turn to the path of carrying on in the old way. It probably looks quite dull, but wide and easy. It is a well-trodden path for you. Begin to travel along this path and you will travel into a possible future. The future of carrying on as you have been. Notice how familiar and boring and dull everything looks as you trudge along in the same old way. Notice it is getting difficult to walk as you get heavier, perhaps your thighs are rubbing together. Perhaps your knees hurt, and you are getting out of breath as you trudge along.

Look around you, at the sides of the path you can see piles of junk food, all the rubbish you eat. You might even see yourself, stuffing away. You feel embarrassed perhaps a bit shamed as you trudge along.

A bit later you see yourself, at an important event. You have tried your best to look ok, but your clothing is too tight and bunched up. Bulges are showing and you feel glances from colleagues as you go about your business.

You see a slimmer, healthier colleague and notice how confident and happy he/she looks. He/she is at the centre of a group and everyone is paying attention to what they are saying. Your colleague smiles and laughs.

You trudge on seeing yourself eating.

Notice how grey and dull everything looks. Notice how miserable you feel.


Well it doesn’t have to be like that. Next time I’ll show you how to imagine and get a much better future for yourself by exploring the other path.