Does losing weight feel more like a mountain to climb and you don’t know where to start?

Here are 5 pointers that could start you off.

  1. Gradual Weight loss Works: Think in months not just weeks it is true that gradual works. A couple of pounds each week all adds up. Two pounds a week is nearly one stone in just two months. That is a lot of weight in anyone’s book – and you are more likely to keep it off if you do it gradually.
  2. Think in a Week, Not in a Day: I hopeyou are measuring what you eat; you need to if you are going to lose weight. In whatever way you are choosing to measure and record your food intake, sticking to daily rigid limits, does not always work. Working out how much you will eat to reach a goal over a week rather than try to stick to rigid daily targets. That way you can go out for that meal and celebration and not feel guilty, or feel as though you have lost everything and have to start again.
  3. Take Out More Calories Than You Put in and You Will Lose Weight:Yes, that means exercise – if you are not in the habit of exercising, start with a daily walk and check how many calories you are using, then add a swim, or a cycle ride. You will be using calories, but more important, the exercise will help you feel so much better.
  4. Use a Tape Measure as Well as Weighing Scales:Measure yourself around the waist as well as using your scales. The reason for this is that muscle weighs more than fat so if you are exercising a lot, you may be getter leaner at a faster rate than you had thought! Lean is what you are aiming for on your weight loss journey.
  5. Set Individual Milestones Along Your Weight loss Journey:You can’t achieve everything in one go, so take things steadily and have interim goals (or milestones) along the way. Treat yourself once you have reached one of your significant goals – if you can get into a smaller dress size, go treat yourself to a new dress.


So there are your 5 pointers – happy weight loss and see you soon for more tips and tools to help you on your way to being slim and happy.