Hello and I hope you are ready to confront some of those myths, personal beliefs and stories, which you might tell yourself about your weight.

Often these myths have a family history – perhaps you tell yourself that everyone in your family is fat so it must be in your genes, or perhaps you have a slow metabolism. Your myths might even be about certain characteristics you have which you believe are unchangeable.

So, do you tell yourself ”I have no willpower” or ”I just enjoy sweet things, I always have”.


You are the same as a slim person

Well, here’s some news for you!

You are just the same as a slim person. Your genes are not different and science has shown that nearly everyone has a metabolism, which operates at a broadly similar rate. You also have your human share of willpower.

These are just stories you tell yourself, and you are capable of changing your story.

Treat them like excuses as that’s what they are, nothing more.


Change Your Story

So lets have a look at a couple of examples of how you can change your story. See what you think and ask if you can apply this way of thinking to your particular myths and excuses.


The Willpower Example

So, you say you have no willpower. Well, I bet you got up this morning and went to work – perhaps you didn’t want to, but you did. You are an adult and you know you need to do certain things to get certain outcomes. It’s the same with food – you want to lose weight so that means you need to do certain things. Do ‘X’ get outcome ‘Y’

If you can think like this to get to work, to look after your family and all the other things you do, then you can think like this about food. It’s just food, it doesn’t have supernatural power to make you do what you don’t want to do. So change your story around food – feel proud that you can control it. That is looking after yourself well isn’t it? Do ‘X’ (eat well) and you will get outcome ‘Y’ (a healthy weight).


Good Things In Balance

What if you say to yourself ”I just enjoy sweet things, I can’t resist cake”. I’m sure there are lots of things you enjoy but you don’t do them all the time do you? They are rare pleasures that as an adult you know you cannot have them every day.


The Holiday and Cake Example

You enjoy taking holidays don’t you? When the holiday is finished, you don’t run away and hide saying ”I can’t resist the beach”. You sigh, get yourself together and get on the plane home. You settle back into life and look forward to your next holiday. You live life in balance. Apply this attitude to cake. Eat cake, don’t eat two. Go and do something else. That’s balance.


So what are your myths, have a think about them and change your own personal story.